Try this marinade on scored chicken thighs. Leave to marinade over night for tasty results!


This one is especially designed for a very hot pan! Chuck everything into a bowl and marinade as long as you can (we say 24 hours but 20 minutes is fine) Sear the meat on a sizzling pan then cook it with the lid on!

Then pass this off as your own curry and graciously accept all the rounds of applause and standing ovations from your adoring family & friends for being such a good cook!

We don’t add any chilli to any of our Spice bags so you card your own heat - this bag has a little bit of a kick to it as it contains differnt types of pepper.

This tangy spice mix will make a dry, spiced marinade for chicken. Create a fresh tasty chicken dish, suitable for pan frying, roasting & even great for BBQ’s - Enjoy all year round, indoors or out! 


INSTRUCTIONS FOR MARINADE Score 500g of chicken on the bone, (thigh portions or drumsticks work the best but boneless chicken could also be used.).  Add the whole packet of AFGHAN Chicken mix to a bowl big enough to hold all of the chicken.  Add 100g of fat free yoghurt and the juice from ½ a lemon.  salt to taste and fresh coriander (optional).  Stir all the ingredients together and cover with a lid or cling film.  Store the marinaded chicken in the fridge until ready for cooking.  The longer the chicken marinades the tastier the chicken will be.  


TO COOK Add some low calorie cooking spray to a large pan, get the pan as hot as possible.  Take a marinaded piece of chicken and place it in the pan.  It should sizzle and hiss, add as many chicken pieces as you can fit into the pan then turn them over one by one - keep the heat high until all the chicken has been turned once and is fully sealed.  Place a lid on the pan and turn the heat down to medium low and cook until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.  Serve however you like! we love ours with rice and salad, but boneless chicken in a pitta bread is pretty tasty and filling too! EACH BAG CONTAINS a unique blend of dry herbs & spices, Himalayan black salt.  Packed in a kitchen where allergen traces can be found  - celery, soy & nuts.

Use before Mar 2020. 20g ℮


Afghan Chicken

  • Packed in a kitchen that handles nuts, soy & celery