A family favourite, use this spice bag to make a magnificent Rogan Josh in your own home.  Specially blended for lean meat & oil free cooking, it’s the perfect way to sneak in a few extra fresh vegetables.  Serve on a bed of fluffy Basmati Rice!


TO MAKE Finely chop 2 large white onions (more onions means more sauce). Using a medium high heat simmer in frylight for approx 15 minutes until soft, mushy and golden brown (add a drop of water to prevent from sticking to pan). Add in a full bulb of crushed garlic (approx 40g) and 20g of grated ginger (it’s fine to use a jar or frozen cubes for both). Cook the mixture for a another 10-15 minutes until everything is a rich dark brown.  Stir in the  full pack of ROGAN JOSH MIX  and cook for 5 minutes or until you can smell the spices. Add 250g of tomato passata (or a tin of chopped/plum tomatoes just keep mashing it up as you cook it) stir well, simmer gently on a medium heat until you see bubbles forming. When you can see the yellow tumeric separate from the red sauce it’s time to add your meat! Add your chosen lean meat (we like to use mutton, but any meat is suitable chicken, lamb, goat, beef etc) then you need to cook it on a slow heat till the meat is tender. Bare in mind that the longer you cook this curry the better it will taste, we like to use the slow cooker over a 6-7 hour period, as the curry cooks you’ll see it get darker and darker we like to wait until it’s a dark chocolaty colour. 


EACH BAG CONTAINS a combination of herbs & spices.

 25g ℮




Rogan Josh

  • Packed in a kitchen that handles nuts, soy & celery